Christmas – 2015

Christmas 2015

Oh yeah baby…Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house not a creature was stirring…which was kind of sucky…we should be doing something.

Ok here’s the deal…this Christmas my entire family decided to make our gifts instead of going out and buying something for everyone…we kind of wanted to get back to, even for me, would be the olden days.  Let’s be real here though I needed to do something to take advantage of this new era of ours but what…what could I do if I was going to just buy one present and only one present and give it to the entire family…that would take some thinking on my part.

So I thought about this for some time and finally came up with what I thought would be the perfect gift…not something they could return because it was only one gift, and knowing my family I knew they would love it.  My idea was I would try to rent a limo and take the whole family out to see some of the best Christmas lights in Phoenix…more or less.

The dilemma came when I figured up the family and I was going to need a nice limo that could handle 15 people somewhat comfortably…I didn’t want everyone squeezed into this limo so they couldn’t enjoy the ride or the lights.  I talked with some friends who had ridden in limos but they told me they had never had 15 people…that was my chore…to find someone who could take care of us, because I was not going to be paying for two limos…hell if I was going to do that I could just take my car and one of the kid’s car…they had a van that would work…but not to stylish.

I began calling around the Phoenix area, but since we live in Glendale it would be nice to have one closer to home…but either way I was on the search for the eluding magical limo service that could accommodate my whole family and give me my Christmas Dream come true for my family.

What I discovered the more I called was most of the services were either not available and couldn’t help me out or they wanted a week’s pay for what would be two to three hours top…and I was getting pretty frustrated thinking maybe should have planned this out a bit better…or at the least it seems a bit earlier.

Then WHAM! I found one located right here in Glendale.  It’s called Glendale limo and…ready for it…they had just the limo for us it would hold 16-18 people and they were running a special for a Christmas lighting tour and the price was amazing.

I mean not only did they have the limo that sounded so good and it sounded like it would hold all of us fairly comfortable and the price was very reasonable, and to top that off they knew the perfect places to take us to see some amazing lights.  The guy I was talking to told me if we wore our coats when he pulled into the housing addition that had the lights he could open up this huge moon roof and the kids or us could pop out and look at the lights.

So as I started this off Twas the night before Christmas when the magical limo pulled up in front of our home and my entire family scurried out…whatever scurrying looks like…and into our beautiful horseless carriage.

Our evening started out by having him drive us to our dinner reservations where we ate and hopped back into the limo…I have to say though my family felt so important being in that limo…the way he dropped us off at the door and then picking us up the same way just made us feel important…like the rich and famous…

When we pulled into the housing addition he opened the window between us and told us to get ready as the moon roof began to open.  I never knew people went to this degree to decorate their houses for Christmas they were some spectacular homes.  Hell when I popped my head out the moon roof I thought I was in Vegas with the number of lights on these people’s homes…I sure if I was standing on the street I could have read a newspaper at 10:00 at night in this addition…it must have been well over a million lights.

My family had the most special Christmas they had ever experienced.  I felt so blessed to have found Glendale Limo service, which is the reason I’m adding links to their website.  If you are ever looking for an amazing ride where you feel so incredibly blessed through the city of Phoenix, Scottsdale and finally Glendale then give them a call.

I found out the driver we had was actually the owner of the company and he told me if anyone ever came to him and related my name to them he would give them a 10% discount on their reservation…so there you go…

I’m ending this post in one of the most grateful moods I’ve been in all year and it all because of the amazing evening I was able to give to my entire family.  Thank you self for coming up with the idea and sticking with it to find the perfect gift.