So may the force be with you…or at least the Cosmic Habit Force.

This is something that I read way back when I read a book by Napoleon Hill which was called “Think and Grow Rich”…an amazing book and if you’ve never read it I would suggest you stop reading this post and go buy the book and read it…it was phenomenal in my mind.

This is one of those universal laws to which there are many…but this one kind of give us a sort of definiteness of action to pretty much  everything moving throughout the universe, at least as I understand it.  I continue from my perspective it keeps the stars and planets in their specific places and it fixes the life patterns of every living thing. The important thing to take from this is we have the ability to use this law to establish our own habits, good or bad it doesn’t matter because like many universal laws good or bad doesn’t apply it just works.

My understanding is this particular law controls and binds every live thing lower in the scale of intelligence with the exception of us and for us it’s more commonly called instinct.  We can and do in some cases rise above these fixed patterns and establish our own patterns.  This is the only thing which we have complete control and direction.  It’s interesting in that our infinite intelligence, God, Supreme Being or whatever name you feel comfortable with using, gives us dreams, wishes or desires whereby the it has not also given us the ability to achieve any of these dreams, wishes, or desires…so it stands to reason if you have the ability to think it up, or dream it…you have the ability to create it, get it or accomplish it…yeah.

Like every other universal law cosmic habit force has a positive and negative side to it.  The negative side is called hypnotic rhythm which causes our thoughts to drift if you will and sad as it may be many people tend to drift through our lives and as we drift we attract everything we do not want into our lives.  Which is the reason we constantly need understand our thoughts , if we don’t control them will control us…it takes some real will power to stay focused upon the things we want most and we have to stay focused until a thought pattern takes over by the habit of the cosmic force.

Emerson’s law of cause and effect basically tells us nothing just happens by luck every effect has its definite cause.  This is basically how Hill explained how to use the Cosmic Habit Force.

  1. It fixes the habits of electron, protons, neutrons of matter so their chemical elements always follow the same patterns, which is why everything in the universe comes under the influence by the cosmic habit forces.
  2. It fixes these patterns on every plant upon this earth so each thing will reproduce under its own pattern…wheat will always reproduce wheat…so that being said under this law wheat will never produce corn or a tree. Another example of the Cosmic Habit Force is 1 atom of hydrogen 2 atoms of oxygen combine will always produce water…never anything else because of this cosmic habit force.
  3. When the mind of a human is focused on its definite major purpose the cosmic habit force goes into action immediately and begins to attract to us the material equivalent of that of which we had our minds focused upon, just like it does with water this law never varies… however…here is comes…if we are not focused upon our goals then drifting or negative rhythm comes into play and will just as easily attract all the undesirable, unpleasant and unwanted things we dwell upon by drifting. Such as poverty, lack, ill health, failure, fear and all undesirable things.
  4. Those who are successful have established a thought pattern in their mind which the cosmic habit forces as picked up and carried out to its logical conclusion. Understand believe as you say “I know exactly what I want from life and I have faith I will get it…not matter what”  There is a word Doctors use called fixation as in someone who believes they are ill fixate on that illness and soon do in fact have that illness.  Fixation can be a priceless asset when used in a positive way by fixating on those things we want our dreams, wishes, hopes and desires.  Cosmic habit force is the law that  and this fixation.



 Understanding this law you will undoubtedly have your map to all the riches you may dream of just beware of drifting.





Not something that is easy to do but I thought I would take a couple of post and talk about using some success principals to help you figure out if your thinking accurately…then maybe jump over to something some people call the Cosmic Habit Force.  Not going to tell you about that one you will have to read my post for next week.

Ok let’s get back to this post what is really Thinking Accurately?  Accurate thinking is based upon two fundamentals…inductive reasoning and deductive reasoning…sound pretty simple right?

I will do my best to explain them…usually inductive reasoning is used when the necessary facts that we’re basing our thinking on are simply just not available, and so in that case we act upon a hypotheses or what we would call assuming the facts to be, but as you know you really never want to assume because how many times have you been told when you assume you make an ass our of me and you…not sure I get that though.

Now my interpretation of deductive reasoning is when we have the facts or at least what appears to be the facts upon that which we can somewhat base our thinking upon…although many times we find our fact are skewed to some degree…yeah!

Let’s take the first stage of what is commonly called accurate thinking.  This stage is to do our best to separate the facts from fiction.  This is done in an attempt to determine if we’re dealing with hypotheses/guess or actual facts.  Once we’ve figured out the actual facts we can then begin by dividing them up into two separate classes…the first being one of important facts and and the second one being that of unimportant facts…

So how do we distinguish an important fact from an unimportant one…good question?  Ok an important fact would be any fact that aids us in any way in favor of getting the object of our major purpose or desire, and for a better word let’s say goal, and then all the other facts not relating to this are classified as unimportant facts…see not a tough as it sounds in the beginning.

Now as we all know opinions are worthless or less than worthless and it doesn’t matter if they are good or bad simply because they are not based on facts.  Usually opinions are what someone has heard, or been told, which makes them our opinions and ultimately useless.  There is a quote of such I think by Theodore Roosevelt that goes something like he was asked for his opinion to which he said…which by the way would be good to learn this and repeat it to anyone asking for your opinion “I cannot answer your question because I have no facts on which to base an intelligent opinion”.

Here are 7 pretty basic rules to follow if you would like to become an accurate thinker.

  1. Never accept the opinion of other until you have identified the source of their opinion and are satisfied the source is valid.
  2. Remember that “FREE ADVICE” is usually worth exactly what it cost.
  3. Be alert when someone is speaking of other in a disrespectful or negative way because what you’re hearing is biased opinions.
  4. When you ask for information do not disclose what you wish the information to be because most people have the bad habit of trying to please others and may only give you information you want to hear even if they know the facts do not support their opinion.
  5. Remember anything that exists is capable of being proven and therefore if something is not capable of being proven it’s safe to assume it may not exist.
  6. Great unexplainable miracles consist in the fact that most truth and falsehood by no means by which they’re expressed and carry with them a silent invisible means of identifying themselves as such.
  7. Begin as a habit to ask the question(s) how do you know, or how did you discover this, to any statement you cannot identify as truth


Probably the most important thing to remember when making a decision or coming to an opinion is as human beings  we tend to allow our emotions to rule our thinking so do as scientist do, and remove all emotions from your accurate thinking.