Dealing with the Subconscious Mind

I do take credit for putting this all together and even thought I didn’t do all the research in the process of discovering, experimenting and analyses, but you my friend…if you’re not now you will be, get the benefit of seeing it all neatly put together in sort of a DYI manual…You see…if you think about it…you may completely understand a particular concept, but to technically explain it so you…the one who is the most important person in all of this, would understand it…you know I’m sure what you hear much of the information…and mark my words…you know…like maybe highlight this paragraph…just kidding…but I’m sure you will be saying it or thinking to yourself…I get it.  By the end of this book it’s my intention you will not only know the reasons why things are as they are, but also why they are what they are and most importantly is the knowledge to use the information to tap into your subconscious mind and have it work for you, while your connection with the universe will guide and direct you towards whatever intent you give it to acquire…that is my promise to you…how amazing is that….?

Your subconscious mind it beyond what people of my age tend to study…and it’s because we have the time…not let’s not get fricken nuts here…it not like the…OK let’s put a name to it…us Baby Boomers, have all the time in the world…we don’t.  Many of us are retired and really what important to us in our enjoyment…these are our golden years…years spent doing what we want…when we want without the worry of what someone my say…  You see I started out not really caring what people thought of me but then you move out so much more into the world and sad but true you tend to conform…at least to a bit…anyway as you get older you tend to bring back that attitude of not caring what others think of you so you start living a life that is how you want it.  Plus as you get older you become wiser…but you younger people don’t realize that…hell you don’t even realize your kids are running nuts in a restaurant.  When children are young…you working out in the world as parents you have no clue…your too swamped with your mind overloading because of all the thoughts running rampant within your mind…but as you go through these things you realize ways to slow down those thoughts…

What I can tell you is women are much better at thins than men…if I had to guess I would say it due to their ability to feeling things better and it’s through those feeling things grows better or stronger intuition…sorry guys is what it is.   At the end of the day as we get older through our wisdom we begin to see things a bit differently…feeling things a bit differently…and it causes you to look at this a bit differently.  We begin searching out these concepts by reading more and more books…working on ourselves…finding out about ourselves…you know that inner self…but guess what…you’re getting in on the ground floor before you reach those golden years…and what you will discover is you can use what I will reveal to you to reach those golden years and doing it living a life of abundance…and money is not what I’m referring to…but we will get into this a bit later also….OK…so without further ado let’s start getting to the abyss of things and what better way than to talk about things which were written eons ago but still remain the truth…still shows us the ways…and provides us with answers we known all along.