Book Review on “Secrets of Millionaire Mind”

The “Secrets of Millionaire Mind” is a very good and informative book as it describes how in detail anyone can change their mind set and actually it goes even further into the steps to create the mind of a millionaire. I found the book to be extremely reader friendly in that, Mr. Eker was able to used vocabulary, or saying it another blunt way, he was able to dumb it down so I could easily relate to it.  It was remarkably amazing how effortlessly it flowed as he explained one ability into the next. His 17 principals are without a doubt in my opinion quite genuine, and dare I say, necessary if you take on the task of adapting a millionaire mind set for yourself.

I will try my best to consolidate what I found interesting and break them down as best I can in this short post.  Probably the most important and the first thing anyone who would like to create more money in their lives would be to get their mind into the right mind set. But they need to understand having the right mind set and thinking positive by using visualization and affirmations.  It was plain to me one would never get any further until they added the one and only ingredient, which is the catalyst to bond all of these elements and that is “ACTION”.

Yet, another component, which I feel Mr. Eker was quite adapt at hitting the nail on the preverbal head, and it’s a element that is missed by so many people as they pick up a new book and do their best to follow the instructions within each one of them. What is it you say? Hang on its coming…Mr. Eker does an excellent job of really putting it back onto oneself. He informs you, if your goal is truly to develop or if you undeniably want to imagine, create and have the millionaire mind set you must learn to live at the edge of your box, and every now and then…step outside?  To phrase it a bit differently you need to become a bit comfortable with being uncomfortable.

The “Millionaire Mind” does something that many lack and that is to strike upon, and which I’ve yet to find a book where such emphasis is place on something that was so highly enlighten to me. Mr. Eker talks in great detail about how to change your blueprint to place of acquiring that of a millionaire mind; however, he communicates his knowledge so eloquently that one cannot, and will not reach the millionaire status without the help of; or through the use of passive income. Passive income, or as some people call it, residual income, can be and has been achieved in many different ways, whether from real estate, sales, to direct marketing and so many others. Simply put, passive income is an income which is generated and continually pays sums of money to you and you have nothing to do with it other than your initial investment.

The way Mr. Eker combined the necessary building block in his book is quite phenomenal and I believe everyone should take advantage of the opportunity as his writing abilities and thought process he is very good at communicating.  Just to give you some of the things you will learn from his book if you so choose to are:

  • Identifying your current blueprint and your financial position.
  • Changing your blueprint for the financial freedom and success we all strive for.
  • Creating your persona to feeling different, confident and strong every day
  • Create a freedom where you no longer have to work ever again
  • Help the many people you’ve only dreamed of helping

I for one can expound on the notion it’s not easy learning to change how we look at our financial future, and to add to this dilemma is in forgetting all of the old stuff we’ve been programmed with from our parents, friends, family members, clergy, and so many others within our past. Take a moment and just try to recall all the things people have told you about yourself and the type of lifestyle you’ve been told you wanted. Forget everything anyone has ever told you about how to reach for those stars and make the kind of money your wanting…unless they are making the kind of money your wanting…my guess is they are not…so forget that advise.