Who Remembers…It’s a good thing…(part one)

Here is some information for those of you not sure if you are a baby boomer and to just allow you to see you could be one of us. First off, there are approximately 70 to 80 million baby boomers worldwide fitting into this category, and they were born between the years of 1946 and 1960 so some quick calculations means if you are between the ages of 70 or down to 56 as of this New Year 2016 you are in fact a baby boomer. We are a “kick in the pants” kind of generation with the spirit of whatever knocks us down we simply get up dust off and keep going.

Now unless you are…oh let’s say in the 5% of people and have already attained financial freedom you are probably wondering what the hell do I do now that I’m retired or thinking about retirement. If I was to guess, and only because I am a baby boomer, the position you are currently in was not and is not the position you held in your mind as your dream at this time in your life. There were a few of us who were not doing that bad until 911 hit, oh and then got to love what happened to the market when it took a pretty hard nose dive, or maybe it was when we felt the repercussions from that hit the housing market took.

Either way it really doesn’t matter if you were one of us who purchased your dream home or something like the equivalent of that only to be in a place where you lost it, are losing it, or are strapped trying to keep it. Yeah that sucks in so many ways, but hey that’s enough doom and gloom.  However, on the happier side of things it also means you lived through what I term “Memories Boomer Cherish”, so how about we lift those spirits and think about things like how we love the original “Rascals”, “The Three Stooges”, “Mickey Mouse Club”(original), “Bewitched”, “I Dream of Jennie” or who can ever forget laying on the floor watching “Bonanza” with little Joe and his whole family, and what about the “Flintstones, Bugs Bunny, Taz, The Road Runner and Wildly Coyote”.

Finally, if you are towards the top of the age group, or had older brothers and sisters, you may even remember “Buffalo Bob” and what the red and white checked shirt puppet called…yeah I thought you would know “It’s Howdy Dooty Time”. One last one is do you remember watching Star Trek, (the original one)?  I’m sure just mentioning one of those shows brings back some memories for you.  Anyway, I think those just triggered some memories…and speaking of trigger the Lone Ranger” was pretty cool also.

Some good memories but hey there’s more check out part two…