Let me ask you a simple question…”if someone sets goals they constantly drive towards a chosen result. Is every goal achieved? Probably not, but the intention is to set high goals. If the goal is not attained, whatever falls short of achievement is much better than doing nothing at all. Also, along the pathway to attaining any goal are the experiences and emotions of happiness, fulfillment, success, joy, and a great sense of accomplishment.

I’d like to respond to the question of “is life fair” In my opinion I would have to say “Yes, in my mind life is fair”. I set goals; therefore I believe life is fair. I often remember words of encouragement like: W. Clement Stone, who said “what man can conceive and believe he can achieve”, in the bible is says “you will reap what you sow”, and Henry Ford also said “whether you think you can or you think you can’t, either way you are right”. I believe thoughts are very powerful things.

Most people have heard thoughts generate some kind of power, but to what extent. How much power do thoughts actually have, and is science there to back this up? Most importantly, how can we use this knowledge to create a successful life? Everything within the universe contains energy and scientific studies reveal thoughts are nothing more than vibrations of energy. Energy is neither good or bad it simply exists. Science proves nothing within the universe is solid; although it has to appearance of being solid it is purely energy and molecules vibrating. For example hold your hand in front of your face, and you think you see something solid.

Yet, if you had the ability to look closely at your hand through a very powerful microscope you see tiny molecules vibrating with empty space between them. If you could see further down inside these tiny molecules you would see pure energy. Scientists have verified thoughts can be measured. In the process of verification these thoughts were discovered they contain wave patterns of vibrations, and our thoughts are one of the most powerful forms of energy known to mankind. They have the ability to transform non-physical ideas into physical form.

It’s a well-known fact that energy vibrates at various speeds and frequencies. Things which vibrate at the same frequency will naturally attract to one another. In this attraction, one object will cause a vibration in the second object matching itself causing mutual vibrations to form into one larger vibration. Studies indicate that vibrating at a high frequency rate is positive in nature, while vibrating at a low frequency is negative in nature. Higher frequency allows feelings of good, which if goal oriented, cause an opening of possibilities to whatever you want, and a lower frequency tend to cause bad feelings, which translate into dampening our ambitions.

The higher your frequency, the more open you are to receiving the things you desire. While at the lower frequency, the closer you are to negative thoughts, which translate into attracting things maybe are not necessarily the things you want.

Think for a moment about driving on a remote desert highway and scanning the channels on your radio for music. Unless you’re tune into the right station on the right frequency you will not hear music. It doesn’t mean that the music is not out there broadcasting to other people; it just means you have not tuned your radio into that frequency. Once you do, your radio’s receiver has matched the exact frequency of the radio station’s transmitter and bam – you hear music.

It’s not that the music is good or bad, it’s simply music. This same principal applies to achieving whatever goal you want, or do not want, into your life. If you vibrate at higher frequencies you are feeling the good things in life and life is good. If you vibrate at lower frequencies you’re feeling the other side of life and it is not so good.

It’s also been proven that you’re the architect of your life, good or bad, fair or unfair. All of your problems r successes were created by you alone, and not by your partner, parents, or even your boss. It is critical you realize no one else is responsible for your present situation but you, and your perception of it. I know this is a hard concept to accept, as it was for me. However, once accepted a whole new world with unlimited possibilities open up.

Whatever you currently have within your life monetarily, or spiritually you have received from your past thoughts and actions. Therefore, each day is the beginning of a new life and you have the ability to change your life in any direction. Are you satisfied with the way things are going in your life at this moment? Great, keep doing the exact same thing tomorrow that you did today. If not, are you ready for a change? Are you ready to make a decision that will change your life forever? If so, please enjoy and experience how life is better than fair, it’s great.

There you have it…try it on for size…

Thanks Y’all,


I recently had the good fortune and immense pleasure of reading a fantastic book written by Andy Andrews. The story is all about David Ponder’s experiences as he travels through history meeting some of the most influential people of our times. First, David’s life experience so mimic’s many people who are encountering various issues in our world today.

David is an Executive at a firm; let’s just call it any corporation of today, who is trying to help the company from being taken over from a larger conglomerate. In which he was offered to take a severance, but opted to stay and help the company he so believed into stay afloat and ultimately stand proudly upon to two feet again.

David is married to Ellen and they have a twelve year old daughter Jenny.  What makes this story so real and valid in today’s society is that David one night after working late discovers himself out of a job, and stranded at the office as they reclaim his office credentials, and then like many of us, is walked from his office to the lobby of the company. From there he discovers they also need the keys to his company car stranding him there. Not only is David out of a job, but received no severance and is now forced to figure out how he is getting home.

David finds out attracting a Job at his age and at the income he warrants somewhat of a daunting task…go figure. The term experience is always used with young people trying to find employment, but there is a fine line between what experiences are needed, and realizing to much experience is a bad thing. David finds himself working at a hardware store for not much more than minimum wage, no health insurance, no pension plan, and driving a broken down two door Dodge colt.

Andy takes you through the thoughts of David, which I would guess are thoughts so many people have had as of late. Until one ill faded night as David has reach the end of his string, or was experiencing the events leading up to the preverbal “straw breaking the camel’s back” so to speak. David driving home one night just starts driving on the freeway missing the exit for his home and just continues to drive ominously through the night. David, who in somewhat of a daze is not aware as his car continues to go faster and faster pushing it to the limits. It’s dark and the road conditions mixed with the enormous speeds causes David to lose control…

The events occurring after this take David on what would be considered strange if not really weird trip into a place where he visits seven different people who themselves are in desperate times, but each one teaches David that we make decisions each and every day and those decisions are what sometimes makes or breaks us. David is given gifts from each stranger he meets until he has collected the seven gifts of decisions that determine personal success, which in itself is remarkable.

This book is barely 200 hundred pages, and it’s a very easy read as Andy captures your interest in somewhat of a spell to continue reading to discover more and more information and what happens with David. If you are experiencing issues in your life and are wondering what is next I urge you to run out and get yourself a copy, or if you have read it but it’s been awhile…just maybe it’s time to pick it up again. Check out “The Traveler’s Gift” by Andy Andrews you will be glad you did.

Thanks Y’all,


PS…I’ll make it easy to get the book on Amazon.

The Traveler’s Gift: Seven Decisions that Determine Personal Success

WE may be a bit older but we still have some new tricks…You could easily be setting in this same position or possibly one of these…you are nearing retirement and some of the things you had planned earlier in your earlier years have not turned out quite like you expected for one reason or another. You are getting older and you know there are some things you wanted to do, but either you just haven’t saved enough money or more importantly you just have not taken the time to do them, or now you could be afraid to do it because you need to save some money just in case.

Social Security is a joke, and just maybe you feel a need to do more because you know there is more out there for you. I want you to understand that I believe you know you are here for a special reason, but just have not discovered what that reason is…right. I also want you to know I believe we were all given a gift and from Steve Harvey’s book he talks about those gifts as something we have, something we can do that we do well without much effort. Maybe you are setting pretty well, but you’re the type person who is always looking for ways to create more passive income, because we all know the best income is passive.

It really does not matter which one of these positions you’re setting in, what matters the most to understand where you are at and what you want, and even more importantly how do we get it. There are so many ways out there to get this information, but who do we trust…me…maybe…maybe not. What I can tell you is I identify with baby boomers simply because “I am one”. I think most of the Boomers out there know they are on this planet to be doing something and only a small number of us have found their destiny. It is entirely a personal choice to strive for all you want, but I believe it is possible to receive more than you can imagine.

My personal choice was to start up an online business, but what really important is not the product, what is important is to market yourself. Let people get to know you and your life. Is it hard?  Not extremely, but it is difficult. It’s just like building a business…your business, which is you. The only differences to me are; one where the profit margin is greater online because your expenses are minimal compared to opening up…how about we use…say a Pizza Shoppe. Second, you are able to create an income much faster do to the fact you are marketing to local businesses as opposed to everyone on “God’s Green Earth”.

Finally, it keeps your mind working and in retirement that is something that’s very important.  If I think about one thing all Boomers need to take in and commit to memory is to not being afraid of learning new things, and then going out and doing the things you’re learning, only to regroup learn more things and try them again…in actuality it’s life…it’s how we spent the last 40 years.

My hopes are to jog a few memories and create a bit of what some refer to as a reality check and if that happened then cool. I would like every baby boomer out there to get all they want out of life and more. If I can help…great, if someone else can help you that’s great also, just do not sit around wondering what you are going to do.

Sometime a reality check comes in handy….

Thanks Y’all,