Who Remembers…It’s a good thing…(part two)

WE may be a bit older but we still have some new tricks…You could easily be setting in this same position or possibly one of these…you are nearing retirement and some of the things you had planned earlier in your earlier years have not turned out quite like you expected for one reason or another. You are getting older and you know there are some things you wanted to do, but either you just haven’t saved enough money or more importantly you just have not taken the time to do them, or now you could be afraid to do it because you need to save some money just in case.

Social Security is a joke, and just maybe you feel a need to do more because you know there is more out there for you. I want you to understand that I believe you know you are here for a special reason, but just have not discovered what that reason is…right. I also want you to know I believe we were all given a gift and from Steve Harvey’s book he talks about those gifts as something we have, something we can do that we do well without much effort. Maybe you are setting pretty well, but you’re the type person who is always looking for ways to create more passive income, because we all know the best income is passive.

It really does not matter which one of these positions you’re setting in, what matters the most to understand where you are at and what you want, and even more importantly how do we get it. There are so many ways out there to get this information, but who do we trust…me…maybe…maybe not. What I can tell you is I identify with baby boomers simply because “I am one”. I think most of the Boomers out there know they are on this planet to be doing something and only a small number of us have found their destiny. It is entirely a personal choice to strive for all you want, but I believe it is possible to receive more than you can imagine.

My personal choice was to start up an online business, but what really important is not the product, what is important is to market yourself. Let people get to know you and your life. Is it hard?  Not extremely, but it is difficult. It’s just like building a business…your business, which is you. The only differences to me are; one where the profit margin is greater online because your expenses are minimal compared to opening up…how about we use…say a Pizza Shoppe. Second, you are able to create an income much faster do to the fact you are marketing to local businesses as opposed to everyone on “God’s Green Earth”.

Finally, it keeps your mind working and in retirement that is something that’s very important.  If I think about one thing all Boomers need to take in and commit to memory is to not being afraid of learning new things, and then going out and doing the things you’re learning, only to regroup learn more things and try them again…in actuality it’s life…it’s how we spent the last 40 years.

My hopes are to jog a few memories and create a bit of what some refer to as a reality check and if that happened then cool. I would like every baby boomer out there to get all they want out of life and more. If I can help…great, if someone else can help you that’s great also, just do not sit around wondering what you are going to do.

Sometime a reality check comes in handy….

Thanks Y’all,