Traveler’s Gift…Review

I recently had the good fortune and immense pleasure of reading a fantastic book written by Andy Andrews. The story is all about David Ponder’s experiences as he travels through history meeting some of the most influential people of our times. First, David’s life experience so mimic’s many people who are encountering various issues in our world today.

David is an Executive at a firm; let’s just call it any corporation of today, who is trying to help the company from being taken over from a larger conglomerate. In which he was offered to take a severance, but opted to stay and help the company he so believed into stay afloat and ultimately stand proudly upon to two feet again.

David is married to Ellen and they have a twelve year old daughter Jenny.  What makes this story so real and valid in today’s society is that David one night after working late discovers himself out of a job, and stranded at the office as they reclaim his office credentials, and then like many of us, is walked from his office to the lobby of the company. From there he discovers they also need the keys to his company car stranding him there. Not only is David out of a job, but received no severance and is now forced to figure out how he is getting home.

David finds out attracting a Job at his age and at the income he warrants somewhat of a daunting task…go figure. The term experience is always used with young people trying to find employment, but there is a fine line between what experiences are needed, and realizing to much experience is a bad thing. David finds himself working at a hardware store for not much more than minimum wage, no health insurance, no pension plan, and driving a broken down two door Dodge colt.

Andy takes you through the thoughts of David, which I would guess are thoughts so many people have had as of late. Until one ill faded night as David has reach the end of his string, or was experiencing the events leading up to the preverbal “straw breaking the camel’s back” so to speak. David driving home one night just starts driving on the freeway missing the exit for his home and just continues to drive ominously through the night. David, who in somewhat of a daze is not aware as his car continues to go faster and faster pushing it to the limits. It’s dark and the road conditions mixed with the enormous speeds causes David to lose control…

The events occurring after this take David on what would be considered strange if not really weird trip into a place where he visits seven different people who themselves are in desperate times, but each one teaches David that we make decisions each and every day and those decisions are what sometimes makes or breaks us. David is given gifts from each stranger he meets until he has collected the seven gifts of decisions that determine personal success, which in itself is remarkable.

This book is barely 200 hundred pages, and it’s a very easy read as Andy captures your interest in somewhat of a spell to continue reading to discover more and more information and what happens with David. If you are experiencing issues in your life and are wondering what is next I urge you to run out and get yourself a copy, or if you have read it but it’s been awhile…just maybe it’s time to pick it up again. Check out “The Traveler’s Gift” by Andy Andrews you will be glad you did.

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The Traveler’s Gift: Seven Decisions that Determine Personal Success