Hey guys, the retired guy is here and ready to talk to you about some things that are near and dear to my heart.  I feel really strong about supporting our local businesses in any way I can.  These men and women have said “No” to the corporate world, and “No” to the normal eight-hour day…and “Yes” to being their own boss and “Yes” to doing things their way and following the fricken American Dream…Oh yeah baby…I love these people and what they stand for.

So what say we get this party started because as you know I’m the retired guy, which tell you I’ve been around for some time and so has this business I going to tell you about in a moment.  This is a family owned business and I’ve known them for some time.  I know the kind of people they are…and they are good people…people I trust…and people that give so much more than they ask for, which by the way is an amazing trait of local businesses.

Now before I give you the name understand this company is not for everyone, but for those people who live within the greater Kansas City, Missouri area…well then listen up because I’m about to introduce you to an amazing company and has the ability to blow your socks off.

The name of the company is Asphalt Sealcoating KCMO and they have been around for over 50 years, each and every family member has learned every part of this business.  They’ve grown into a very large company that continues to help out every Joe…or Josephine…yeah we have to be somewhat politically correct because there are many women who are business owners and home owners and they deserve the credit just like the men.

This business started out working their asses off…just two brothers who wanted to do the best they could, but at the same time give the customers the best quality job and the money was really the third thing on their mind.  There are hundreds of businesses who follow, followed and are following these same rules and each one is learning or has learned this is by far the best way to build an amazing company that sits on the strongest of foundations.

All I asking for you to do if you live within the greater Kansas City Area and whether you need some help or you have a friend who needs some help with repairing, fixing, filling cracks, re-paving, tearing out or just a brand new construction give these guys a call and experience for yourself why they are voted the best asphalt sealcoating company in Kansas City.