Who’s The Retired Guy



Yep that’s me…in case your wondering I’m the one on the right…I really haven’t changed much with the exception of the whitish hair…not completely there, but at the same time not completely gone either.

So let’s see about me…well…that’s a very long story and I will gradually write all of that crap…but for starters how about we just get the basics out of the way.  I’m a 62 year old guy who was born in 1953…yeah it was a while ago…anyway grew up in Kansas City, Missouri…actually a suburb of Kansas City Called Independence, Missouri.  I was the somewhat normal family in there was Mom, Dad and a brother, sister and me.  Let’s flash forwards to age 30 where I met my beautiful wife, Linda, who I’ve been married to for 32 wonderful years.  I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt I am who I am today because of this beautiful woman.

Before I get to carried away with my past let’s jump to the future as like 2015.  I was working at Hewlett Packard on the American Express account for that past 15 years as a Senior Network Engineer, which was really good…I didn’t necessarily love my job but didn’t hate it either…it was a job…I figured I would do the American Dream.  Graduated school, got some college but no degree…needed money so went to work and been doing that since I was 20 so like 42 years and then at 65 to 67 I would retire on social security and my pension.  It’s kind of ironic in that I have been telling many of my co workers back with I was like 59 I would like to be retired somewhere between 62 and 63, but this last year I’ve been telling them maybe it would be better for me to say work a few more years…that way I could get more ready for things.

For some reason unbeknownst to me…and let’s just say the large corporation felt I’d been there long enough and they could replace me with someone younger and much less expensive.  I guess I get it…but at the same time I don’t necessarily have to like either.  I do believe they could have done it in a much nicer way…you know kind of got with me help me through the process, maybe had the retirement party…hell maybe even gotten some retirement gift.  Come on…let’s be real generally speaking in this country most of the people, including large corporations, do not like the elderly…or older people like me…for some reason our wisdom and experience is much less valued within the United States.

Not most of you might disagree with be but com on look around you…most people at some point put their parents in homes as they say because they can’t take care of them…but in reality it’s to get them settle some where out of their lives.  It’s sad but true…but what I find surprising is how other countries feel about the elderly…and respect them…but I get it we are just taking up a space…and that space can be filled by someone younger and they can do the same thing we did an for a lot less money.  For that go through this there is an upside…the new person they get has no clue…I do feel sorry for those people because they had nothing to do with any of this…they simply get thrown into a situation and have to deal with it.  I’ve seen this with others my age so not sure why I was so surprised.  For some unknown reason to me going through this process cause much more work…much more chaos  creating many more issues than they thought possible…oh yeah…sometimes maybe the people leaving don’t but those of us that have been through this gets to see that karma…but the large corporation don’t care…not like they did when my father worked and retired…back then the companies cared about their employees.

Please do take this the wrong way if that’s possible…I not saying I want some pity party…it is what it is…and I’m good with it…in fact let me explain one more thing…I do not believe in coincidences in my world things happen for a reason…we may not know the reason but I feel there is one…and sometimes you actually get to see one of those reasons.  For example, remember I said that I was telling people that I wanted to be retired somewhere between 62 and 63.  Ok cool…so I was dismissed from my job on July 24, but they gate me a severance package where I would remain with HP until September 24, and that is two days shy of being exactly in between my 62nd and 63rd birthdays.  I find this unique…maybe you don’t and that’s cool you live your live as you so choose as I live mine.  It really is all good some people don’t feel that way but I find more people around my age tend to go through some changes…can’t really explain them but if your close to my age you understand what I’m talking about.

Ok so I will ad to this maybe in some other form not really sure but will give you more insight into me and where I came from, but more importantly is giving you my opinion on different things to see if you agree or not…anyway do hope your having an amazing day and if your not then your in control of your life…so make it amazing.

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